The Tsegts LLC was established on the 18th of May 2004 with a purpose of providing security services for Newcom LLC and its subsidiaries. As of now, the company provides security services for 24 sites with 43 posts and has over 130 employees.

Tsegts aims to provide comfortable working environment for our clients by relying on the latest technology available.  The company does risk assessment tests on each of its sites and implements the “Quality management” system to do preventative measures to safeguard the quality of our security services.

Tsegts LLC provides on-site security personnel for office buildings, CCTV monitoring, security management for events, alarm services, supply of security equipment and after sales services.


Their clients:  8 ZOVKHIS Building (General Electric, Sumitomo Corporation, Netherland’s ING bank, Ernst & Young, and German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ); MONTRADE building, Tedy Centre, Shine Dul Building, Sun Road Building, Exe plaza, Central tower 8th floor, Tedy 2, Newcom LLC, Mobicom Corporation, Mongol Content LLC, Newcom Preoperty LLC, Clean Energy LLC, Embassy of Canada, Sumt Urguu LLC, CPC LLC, Exe Plaza LLC.


Tsegts LLC

Tedy center

Sambuugiin street - 18

Ulaanbaatar - 38, Mongolia


Phone: +976 11 320610

Fax: +976 11 326117

Email: admin@tsegtssecurity.mn

Website: www.tsegtssecurity.mn