NMS LLC is a civil and electrical engineering, mining equipment rentals, sales and service company. The company was established in July 2011 by Newcom Group to support the infrastructure and economic development of the Gobi region.


NMS has participated in multiple projects in the renewable energy sector, including:


  • Construction of the first Mongolian “Salkhit Wind Farm” facility with 50 MW capacity;
  • Construction of the “Tsogttsetsii Wind Farm” facility with 50 MW capacity in Umnugobi Province;
  • Construction and installation of the “Sainshand Wind Farm” facility with 55MW, located in nearby the Sainshand City, capital of Dornogobi Province.


The company offers a full range of services including rentals, technical support, operators and logistical services for the needs of our customers.

Contact information



Shine Dul office;
Sun street 99/A;

Bayanzurkh district;
Ulaanbaatar 13374, Mongolia


Tel.: +976-75116666