Environmental and Social Management System

In 2011, Newcom Group started implementing Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) that is consistent and compliant with national regulations and best international standards. Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) is a management tool enabling Newcom Group to identify, manage and improve environmental and social impacts and risks of its operation through a systematic approach of setting and implementing environmental and social objectives and targets. 


Objectives of the ESMS fully reflect Newcom Group’s core values of excellence, integrity and leadership. Initiating and implementing ESMS requires unwavering commitment and substantial resources from us but we do not treat it as a burden.  Instead we see numerous benefits in instilling the system into our day-to-day operations. 


Environmental benefits:


  • Reduction and prevention of carbon footprint and air emissions wherever possible through means such as use of efficient lights and stoves, increased energy efficiency, minimization of fuel consumption
  • Conservation of resources to create a green and eco-friendly office/operation 
  • Reduction of impact and risk on biodiversity from any potential operations
  • Improvement of waste management
  • Improving employee awareness of environmental issues and responsibilities.


Social benefits:


  • Improvement of labor and working conditions through streamlined HR Policy across all subsidiary companies, grievance mechanism, OHS risk management, life and fire (L&F) safety and emergency preparedness
  • Fostering high morale and ethic among employees and possibly enhancing recruitment of new employees


At Newcom, we genuinely believe that every company should be a responsible corporate citizen, and ESMS initiative is testament to our Corporate Social Responsibility.