Newcom Group Corporate Social Responsibility

Newcom Group is an organization that is committed to the advancement of Mongolia through our business practices. Whether we are providing affordable connectivity, dependable transportation or innovative technology, we consciously choose to engage in businesses that are both beneficial to the community and essential to the future development of country.

Newcom Group supports creating and nurturing educational and development opportunities for youth;


We promote and safeguard justice in the society;


Newcom endeavours to ensure sustainable development by supporting ideas and innovations to promote green economy, inclusive growth and technology and knowledge transfer;


We are keen about environmental protection, prosperity and improvement of livelihood of local communities.


Below is the synopsis of the key CSR activities by the Newcom Group


LUNCH-AT-SCHOOL program, Mobicom


Mobicom initiated and successfully implemented the first stage of the “Lunch-at-School” program at twelve schools in suburban Ulaanbaatar, providing lunch to 3,334 first and second-graders. The program encouraged better school attendance and academic performance, and significant improvements were observed in the physical and mental activity of students. The Government of Mongolia has made the program a nationwide-program, encompassing all public secondary schools.


Uniin tsai hutulbur


“MOBI-TEMUULEL”, Mobicom, Mobinet


Mobi-Temuulel (“Mobi-Aspiration”) program was undertaken by Mobicom and Mobinet in association with BSB electronics LLC, Vega Express LLC, Summit Electronics LLC, 3 governmental and 5 non-governmental organizations to improve the ICT knowledge and skills of secondary school teachers and students. The program reached out to 2600 teachers and over 60,000 students of 27 schools. The project was executed by MyTech LLC and a secondary school #84.


Mobi Temuulel




Environmental Fellowship Program (EFP) is an exciting six-month program for young Mongolians interested in becoming environmental leaders, initiated by the Zorig Foundation. The fellows work as environmental advocates for certain projects such as Saving the Orkhon River, and engage in various sessions, discussions, and field trips that give the fellows invaluable knowledge about the most pressing environmental issues facing Mongolia.

EFP logo

 “YOUNG INVENTOR” PROGRAM, Mongolian National Broadcaster program, Premier Sponsor - Newcom, Mobicom, and Eznis Airways


To promote innovation and creativity among Mongolian schoolchildren and youth, and to raise the next generation of Mongolian engineers, the Mongolian National Broadcaster MNB under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Mongolia has launched in 2010 a six-month-long TV contest among the youth to identify the best technical invention by youth. In 2012, the Program expanded its scope to include young inventors of Buyaria, RF, and Inner Mongolia, PRC. The winners will be announced in May, 2012.


Zaluu zohıon buteegch




In 2010, Newcom Property launched this campaign to help the Elderly Care House in Batsumber, Tuv province. The company renovated some parts of the Center’s facilities and the housing of the elderly. In 2011 Newcom employees provided a modest grant to the elderly, living in the House.


“DUULIAN-2020”, Mobicom


Mobicom has been supporting “Duulian-2020”, a soccer tournament held under the auspices of the President of Mongolia. The tournament aims at encouraging sports and healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren.




Mobicom has been the Premier Sponsor for Robocon, the national robotronics contest, organized jointly by the Mongolian National Broadcaster and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union with the view to develop and promote technological innovation among youth and students.




Mobicom ordered from the US an oxygen thickener apparatus for the Maternal and Child Health Center which the Center desperately needed. The apparatus helps reduce infant mortality, and serves vital for the treatment of infants and children with respiratory diseases and complications.


Huchil torogchiin aparat




Mobicom co-organized with the Word Bank Representative Office in Ulaanbaatar the Mongolian Development Gateway program and financed a number of projects, which generated over a 1,000 jobs for poor and vulnerable group citizens.


Employment of physically challenged people, Newcom and Newtel


Newtell employs at its Customer Call Center about 10 physically challenged people, resolving all technical issues so that these people can work from home.


Inviting and hosting in Mongolia an NBA superstar Dwight Howard, Newcom, Mobicom, Eznis, Clean Energy, Mobinet, Ulusnet, Newtell


Howard with children

Commemorating the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Mobicom Corporation, the Newcom Group invited an NBA superstar Dwight Howard to inspire Mongolian youth that if they are determined, any of their most sacred dreams could come true. About 6,000 children and youth shared audience with Dwight Howard at various functions – meetings, tours, exhibition game, talk shows, even at a scenic flight onboard an Eznis aircraft. Indirectly, Dwight met with thousands and thousands of his fans in Mongolia through broadcasting and print media.