Newcom Career


At Newcom, we adhere to the principles of fair treatment, non-discrimination, and equal opportunity for all employees while ensuring strict compliance with relevant Mongolian laws and regulations – We take pride in intellect, knowledge, and skills of our staff.
Satisfaction of our staff stems from sustainable workplace we provide, comfortable working environment, competitive salary, performance-based bonus, career and personal development opportunities, and essential social welfare.
Our goal is to be the “Best Employer to Work for”, a place where people enjoy working; a place with an energetic, amicable, and highly professional team.
  • Your ideas and solutions to issues are welcomed by the Management and you will be given an opportunity to bring them into reality.


  • Your future, your career aspirations mean a lot to the Company and the Company makes effort to support you in developing your knowledge, experience and skills.


  • Your capacity and actions will be rewarded by competitive salary and an exceptional performance is further incentivized by a bonus. 


  • Everything you do and deliver is a contribution to the development and prosperity of our country.