Career Opportunities

If you are interested in career opportunities with Newcom follow us on our website where we post vacancy announcements (or look for our job ads in daily newspapers). Applications and supporting documents (application form, copy of diplomas, and 1 photo) can be sent to, or delivered in person to our office located on the 10F, Naiman Zovkhis building, Seoul Street 21, Ulaanbaatar 14251, Mongolia.
Should your application be accepted for further evaluation, you will be asked to come to our office and take a short general and professional knowledge test. Upon successful passing of the test you will be invited to interviews with our HR staff, relevant department staff and finally by the CEO for the ultimate decision.
Quick Checklist for Eligibility:
  • High professional qualifications
  • Creativity and Initiative
  • Integrity, Responsibility, Good Personality, and Communication skills
  • Ability to work both solo and as a part of a team and endure intense workloads
  • High proficiency in English language
  • Proficiency with Office applications


For current full-time domestic and international students, we offer an opportunity to have your internship in one of the most dynamic work environments in Mongolia where you will be given a chance to employ your theoretical knowledge and practical experience in developing various investment projects. 
Internships are announced when needed.