Welcome, and thank you for visiting the “cyber” home of Newcom.


Newcom introduced cell phones to Mongolia in 1996 by investing in and establishing Mobicom, the country’s premier mobile telecom operator. Also Newcom built Mongolia’s first wind farm, which commissioned in 2013. Telecommunications, airline, renewable energy are sectors of strategic importance for Mongolia, and require clean, advanced technologies and investment.


Newcom has always valued quality, high ethics, efficiency and concrete, tangible, objective results. These results – the values and wealth we create – are keenly appreciated by our customers, taken pride in by our employees and are inspiring for our partners.  Newcom’s past and present is a  vivid story of inspiration, determination and relentless pursuit of success. It is an embodiment of a Mongol dream.


We, the Newcomers have always imagined the future of Mongolia bright and promising. We are an optimistic, creative and energetic group of Mongolians, who spare no efforts to make that future a reality.


Bridging distances and connecting people, Newcom stands ready to advance our cause for a better Mongolia with you, dear visitor. We wish success in all your future endeavors.




Enkhbold Nyamjav

Chairman and CEO