Our Pride


Newcom was the first to introduce mobile telephony in Mongolia
Newcom is the first to bring in wind power to Mongolia

We are a risk-bearer, innovator and wealth creator:


  • By establishing Mongolia’s first mobile operator Mobicom, we did not only open a new era in Mongolia’s telecommunications, but also demonstrated that Mongolian companies are able to attract world’s renowned investors to our markets and maintain strongly capable and sustainable operations;
  • Backing Mongolia’s civil aviation sector in its most challenging period, when it stood at the brink of collapse, we revived Mongolia’s domestic airline industry by establishing Eznis Airways;
  • Convinced that renewable energy is to evolve as the real engine of growth, we have launched Mongolia’s first large-scale wind park

We value and embody the intellectual capacity of Mongolians:

  • Newcom brings together graduates of world’s top-class universities, who have garnered rich practical experience by having worked for world’s best finance and investment companies and corporations. We have made it a reality that Mongolia’s best youth stay home and make tangible contributions to Mongolia’s development and prosperity.
  • We have established the Newcom Leadership Institute to enable our employees to develop and grow as professionals and leaders

Newcom is intolerant to bribery and corruption, red-tape and all forms of injustice, and full-fledgedly embraces transparency, openness and high business ethics.  

We are a passionate advocate of social wellbeing and prosperity.

  • Investing in environmental conservation, education and health of the Mongolian youth, we initiated now landmark nationwide-supported campaigns and programs such as Lunch-at-School, MobiTemuulel, Young Leadership, Mazaalai Foundation, etc. We joined the PACI, Partnering-Against-Corruption Initiative of the Davos World Economic Forum, co-founded Mongolia’s first think-tank on economic policy research and competitiveness and supported the work of the Corporate Governance Center of Mongolia.  

We are a reliable generator of funds to fuel Mongolia’s development and growth:


  • Newcom Group was one of the top 10 tax payers of Mongolia in 2011.

We shoulder Mongolia’s growth by helping Mongolian citizens create wealth and value:

  • Newcom Group employs over 2000 people and this number will grow in the coming years. We support Mongolian youth in their pursuit of meaningful and satisfied life. We endeavor to feed and encourage their optimism and hope in the future. In 2010 Newcom generated more than 300 jobs.

We make Mongolia home to world’s best practices and cutting-edge technologies:

  • Our close and trusted cooperation with multinational corporations and international development institutions helps Mongolia bridge and shorten distances to the world’s best know-hows and skills, technologies and equipment.