“Winds of Change” documentary movie release of the Salkhit Wind Farm Project was successfully organized on 25 Dec 2013

As part of the Newcom Group’s 20th anniversary, Salkhit Wind Farm Project (WFP) released its documentary movie at Tengis cinema on Christmas Day of 2013. Over 350 representatives from sector organizations joined the movie release which include the Ministry of Energy, Energy Regulatory Committee, National Dispatch Center, National Electricity Transmission Grid, National Renewable Energy Center, power plants, Ministry of Environment and Green Development, private sector, NGOs and many other stakeholders. The documentary movie will be broadcasted in cinemas again in 2014 to reach public, especially the international organizations, investors, media, universities and many other relevant organizations.  


Newcom Group was established in 1993, and during the last 20 years it pioneered many important sectors for the country’s development like telecommunications, aviation and renewable energy among others. The 2013 was a year of prosperity with successful commission of the Salkhit WFP like a gift for the 20th anniversary. To document all construction and development works we made a documentary movie and happy to open it to public. This movie was made by the joint order of Newcom, GE and Leighton for the Salkhit project.  It includes videos of public and private organizations and international community which worked on this project.

The movie starts from the early planning stage and wind measurement which started in 2004. After non-stop 8 years of wind measurement, the movie documents all project stages of transportation, erection and construction.  Commissioned in June 2013 after 2 years of construction, the project will annually supply 150-170 million kWh of electricity to the central grid. This represents 4% of the central grid, equal to the supply of 100,000 households with clean electricity.

There is certainly a challenge in introducing new renewable energy technology through private investment in Mongolia. We hope this project will bring a revolution and improvement to the energy sector of our country and serve as a model project of sustainable future. For that reason, we named the documentary “Winds of Change” and invited sector organizations to share this experience.  

The Salkhit WFP is a landmark project which will pave the road for foreign direct investment (FDI) of future projects not only in renewable energy sector but also for infrastructure projects. Therefore, the future of next projects will depend on the operation of Salkhit.

Development of any infrastructure sector heavily relies on FDI. This project was jointly financed by the Newcom Group, EBRD, FMO and GE. As of today, EBRD is the largest investor in Mongolia among the international financial organizations.  In order to support such FDI to strengthen the current economy, it is crucial for the government to follow the signed contracts.