Solar powered airplane will be tested

The coming weeks will mark history for the Swiss sun powered aircraft, the Solar Impulse. After its successful inaugural flight to Paris and Brussels, in 2011, it is now getting ready to make the 48 hour journey between Switzerland to Morocco, after flying over a distance of over 2,500km.


This will be the longest distance to be covered by the aircraft ever without a drop of fuel. Piccard and Borschberg will alternately pilot the aircraft and a single stop has been planned at Madrid, that too just for swapping places. The trip has been planned for the month of May or June. This is just the beginning, as this is meant to be a rehearsal before its round the world trip that is planned for 2014.


Solar Impulse is the first aircraft designed to fly day and night without fuel or polluting emissions through solar energy,  weighs of a family car (1,600 kilos) and can fly at a height of 8500 meters.  The wings are covered by 12,000 solar cells, which power four 10-horsepower electric motors